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Welcome to the Law Office of Rachel Bridges – Central Willamette Valley, Oregon

Rachel Bridges is an experienced attorney with a reputation of aggressively defending her clients against the most serious charges. Rachel understands that police involvement can be overwhelming and have lifelong consequences without the right advocacy.

Rachel has specific expertise in defending clients accused of major assault, child abuse, sexual abuse, computer crime, child pornography, and other major felonies. As a previous Deputy District Attorney in Oregon and Senior Assistant Attorney General for Oregon Department of Justice, Rachel knows how to navigate the Oregon criminal justice system. Rachel’s unique skill and expertise in search and seizure law can provide a seasoned opinion – or second opinion- about unlawful searches, even those with search warrants.

Years of Experience
Jury Trials to Verdict
Motions to Suppress


Rachel Bridges represents clients exclusively in the Central Willamette Valley, Oregon region, including Salem, Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, and surrounding areas. Clients facing serious charges need serious criminal defense. Rachel has the experience and skill to spot legal and factual discrepancies which give her clients an advantage time and time again.
Administrative Matters
Are you the subject of an investigation by a regulatory or administrative agency, such as the Department of Human Services / Child Welfare? We can help you navigate this complex process and protect your rights.
Criminal Defense
If you are facing criminal investigation or charges, it is important to retain legal counsel immediately. We represent clients in all types of criminal cases, but have special expertise in a few areas. Contact us for a consultation or click below to learn more.
Search & Seizure Issues
With specific expertise in complex search and seizure matters, Rachel has had multiple search warrants overturned, evidence suppressed, and cases dismissed based on law enforcement overreach.

Practice Areas

We represent clients being investigated or already charged with serious person crimes, including: sexual assault, child pornography, Internet and computer crimes (including sexting and online solicitation), child abuse, sex abuse, and assault.

In addition to these person crimes, we also have expertise in search and seizure laws, administrative matters such as Department of Human Services / Child Welfare investigations, DUIIs, and drug charges.

driver behind wheel opening bottleRachel Bridges has been handling DUII cases since she began her very first internship as a lawyer over 20 years ago. She understands DUII because as a prosecutor, she handled many of them and so much so that she was nominated for Oregon DUII prosecutor of the year. She understands the police tactics, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer and blood results, and how to effectively cross-examine law enforcement officers. Rachel also has a great deal of experience with impaired driving arrests stemming from controlled substances and how the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program for Oregon law enforcement functions. Beyond the DUII arrest, there are often complex search and seizure issues in these cases. 

DUII arrests can have significant impact on an individual’s life and ability to work. The loss of driving privileges, exclusion from foreign countries, loss of income, and more can all result from a DUII arrest. Why settle for a lawyer who practices criminal law on the side, or who has less than 20 jury trials in adult criminal court? Why not hire the lawyer the police don’t want to see in court?

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    Allegations of child abuse and child sex abuse are emotionally charged cases that require a calm and experienced attorney. Rachel Bridges understands what is at stake in this cases and has experience prosecuting and defending criminal cases involving crimes against children. 

    If you are under investigation or charged with crimes involving children, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who can help you navigate all of the complexities of these cases. 

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      gavel and book titled domestic violence lawAccusations of domestic violence are highly sensitive and complex matters that demand the expertise of a composed and seasoned attorney. Rachel Bridges recognizes the gravity of these allegations and possesses extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending cases involving domestic violence.

      Whether you find yourself under investigation or facing charges related to domestic violence, it is crucial to retain the services of a skilled attorney who can guide you through the intricate facets of these cases.

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        Laptop with external hard drive

        Rachel Bridges has experience handling crimes involving technology. This specialized area of criminal law requires an attorney to keep up on the latest technology and how the law has been applied to it, as well as the necessary knowledge to understand digital forensics and be able to competently cross examine forensic experts. Rachel has experience doing all of this and can present highly technical information to a layperson jury. 

        There are generally significant technical and legal challenges with computer crime cases, including searches and seizures of digital evidence. Because computers and smart phones are involved in nearly every case, whether or not it had anything to do with the alleged activity, your attorney must be able to understand how technology may play a role in your defense. Common crimes we defend our clients against that involve computer crime are:

        • Computer Crime (felony and misdemeanor)
        • Forgery
        • Identity Theft
        • Embezzlement
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          Laptop and mobile phoneThe mere allegation of a crime against a child can be devistating. Rachel Bridges has handled numerous criminal cases involving child sexual exploitation and understands how law enforcement investigates these cases, the common search and seizure issues, and the digital forensic analysis that often accompanies these cases. We understand how law enforcement traces Internet activity, how they acquire digital evidence, and how they analyze it. We also understand how law enforcement sometimes makes errors in their analysis, or targets the wrong IP address or location. You need an attorney that can speak the same language as law enforcement and prosecutors, and Rachel Bridges has that experience.

          Common cases we handle that involve child sexual exploitation include:

          • Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse (may also be referred to as child pornography or images depicting the sexual abuse of a child)
          • Using a Child in Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct
          • Possession of Materials Depicting Sexual Explicit Conduct of a Child
          • Invasion of Personal Privacy
          • Unlawful Dissemination of an Intimate Image
          • Online Sexual Corruption of a Child
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            It is never too early to contact us when you are facing criminal investigation or prosecution. Contact us right away for a consultation.



            With over two decades of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney in Oregon, Rachel has what it takes to defend your case.



            Check out our testimonials from clients and read about some of Rachel’s latest victories as she vigorously defends her clients.


            At my arraignment the judge told me that Rachel Bridges would be my attorney and then said “and she is good!” Indeed she is. I don’t believe you could find a better attorney. I recommend her without reservation.


            She was there for our family went above and beyond answering questions and keeping as well informed, as to what was going on, Explained all the legal terms in a way we could understand. Can’t thank her enough for all the hard work that she did. We appreciate her and her dedication to our family’s case.

            C.H. & B.H.

            Don’t know how I will ever repay Attorney Rachel Bridges for the near year of work that she put in to save myself and my family from a very rough future. I had many serious felony charges against me pertaining to domestic violence and firearms related charges. These were not charges that my wife was pressing, these were charges that the state was pressing against me. My family had lost everything because I lost all 3 of my jobs and we lost our home. It was the scariest and loneliest year of my life.

            After a year of fighting for me, she was able to get EVERY SINGLE CHARGE against me dropped! She is the most hardcore, serious, and hard working person I have ever met. She literally saved my family, my three daughters, from a terrible future and I will be eternally grateful to her. I can’t think of anyone I would have rather had on my side.


            Rachel Bridges is compassionate, professional and logical. She’s very intelligent with the law, and has A large amount of success when clients take her advice. She is not only an amazing lawyer but a wonderful woman.

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